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Pet Turf Install Camp Pendleton
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Tiger Turf Pet Turf Installed

Go Turf Direct was honored to install new pet turf in the K9 training area aboard Camp Pendleton CA. We are proud to be a part of improving the area for our Marines.

Front lawn install w/ brick edging
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We recently installed our TigerTurf Diamond Light Fescue synthetic grass in an Oceanside front lawn with brick edging between properties.

February Artificial Grass Discounts Available
Saturday, January 28, 2017

February Artificial Grass Discounts Available

The awesome rain we’ve had this winter has definitely halted some of your outdoor projects I'm sure! And how about that MUD? So if you are considering replacing your lawn with artificial turf, this is a great time to call us for a free estimate to see how a Tiger Turf Synthetic Lawn could make your life easier in so many ways.

Did I mention MUD? Artificial Grass puts an end to kids, pets and us tracking mud into the house. It also will help us conserve this precious water we have been given this year.

Our lawns are estimated to make up approximately 60% of a households water use. Lets not get back to our wasteful ways even though we are feeling a small reprieve from the drought right now. Artificial grass is another water saver by allowing the rain we do get to enter back into the aquifer and not run off into our storm drains taking with it all the fertilizer and weed killing chemicals we use on our lawns. And how about the $$$ you will save.

Go Turf Direct would like to offer you a 10% discount on our best selling turf in the month of February (on standard installs above 400 sq. ft, 400 sq. ft install =$340 discount)

Just call us for a free 30 minute estimate and see how we can help you Save Water, Money and Time 760-231-6054, 877-472-7763 or send a message through our contact page www.goturfdirect.com

AB349 Protection from HOA sanctions barring Artificial Turf
Monday, May 4, 2015

AB349 signed by Jerry Brown on Friday 9/4/15. Assembly woman Lorena Gonzalez Introduced the measure prohibiting HOA’s from barring synthetic turf lawns. The measure went into effect immediately.
I am hearing the next control by certain HOA’s may be to stall installations while they write new rules as to what turf and how much can be installed - could take months, we’ll see.

New Water Restrictions Imposed Today
Thursday, March 19, 2015

California residents have to turn off their sprinklers, and restaurants won't give customers water unless they ask under new drought regulations approved Tuesday.

The State Water Resources Control Board has extended and expanded restrictions on water use with California entering its fourth year of drought as winter ends without significant storms or snowfall to replenish dwindling reservoirs.

Amid this backdrop, environmental advocates are calling on the state water board to find even more aggressive ways to slash water use, such as rationing, enforcing plumbing upgrades and going after corporate landscapes.

The state agency has conceded its actions so far have been focused on the easier ways to immediately cut down urban water use. It voted Tuesday to extend statewide outdoor water limits imposed in July, barring washing down driveways, decorative fountains without recirculating pumps and sprinklers that spray pavement.

New rules will require local water departments to restrict the number of days residents can water their lawns. If they don't, residents must follow a state rule limiting their sprinkling to twice a week. Homeowners are also barred from using sprinklers on days when it rains and for the next two days after.

It's up to local water departments to enforce these rules, which are expected to take effect later this month. They can fine offenders $500 per violation, but few have gone that far.

The water board also decided Tuesday it will start tracking how agencies enforce the regulations, including the number of citations and warning letters issued.

Turf Removal Rebates $2 Sq.Ft.
Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Metro water district San Diego County has offered rebates to water customers around the county for removal of their natural grass lawns. Landscape watering accounts for approximately 60% of customers water usage. Save water time and money with a synthetic grass lawn. Rebates can reduce the cost of a full installation of quality artificial turf to around 6.50 per square foot. Go Turf Direct will help you with any questions you have and assist with rebate applications. Visit socalwatersmart.com - residential - turf removal rebates - for more information.

New testimonial with before & after photos of pool project
Friday, May 16, 2014

Bill was a terrific to work with from the start. Several bids, he was very competitive . He was timely. every commitment he made in the process, he delivered. Tiger turf looks terrific and we are very happy with the final product. His installation crew was timely and efficient and they didn't excellent job. Bill seems to always respond immediately to questions and concerns and addresses them directly. I have recently undergone a lot of projects at my house including solar installation, remodeling, landscaping, building the pool and turf installation. Bill was the absolute best.

-Chris C


Help With Creating Your Dog Friendly Yard
Wednesday, March 12, 2014

With a little advance planning you can provide a save pet friendly yard that is attractive for people as well.


Dogs basically need to exercise, protect, play, rest, and potty! If you plan ahead to meet your pets needs they will be able to do all of these things without destroying your garden or injuring themselves. Try to think like your pet, all breeds have different personality traits and want different experiences in their outdoor areas.


Dogs need exercise, they also want to be able to protect and patrol your yard. That is their perceived “job”. Sacrificing a few feet around the perimeter of your yard can accomplish both of these tasks. I your dog has already built his own pathway through and around your yard, try to incorporate that into your plan. Then add a plant screen in one area as a private, cool place to take a break and rest. Planting beds should be planted densely to deter your dog from walking through and destroying them.


Of course, every dog will need a place to do his “business”! Set aside a corner of your yard as a toilet area. Train your pet to eliminate there. Cover this area with material that can be easily cleaned and rinsed. You may also want to add a marking post for your male dog.


Excerpts from - Sunset Magazine/Sharon Cohoon

To cover the bulk of the yard, synthetic turf or pet turf from Go Turf Direct is a great choice. Using synthetic turf will eliminate your need to water, fertilize, use pesticides, and cut your grass lawn. Conserving water in southern California is especially critical at this time. Synthetic turf will save your time and money while saving our valuable water resources. Synthetic turf will drain as well as natural grass and often better than thatched lawns that have not been regularly aerated. Good drainage results in less run off into our waste water system. Good drainage will return water to our aquifer.


If you do not plan to have a designated potty area for your pet, as discussed above, just clean your synthetic grass as you would natural grass. Periodically rinse through heavily used areas and use a natural odor/ sanitizer.

A before & after shot
Monday, February 24, 2014


Before and after photos. Before and after artificial grass.