TigerTurf by Go Turf Direct

About TigerTurf

TigerTurf provides the highest quality synthetic turf products at price points that can fit anyone's budget.


3D Curvy “W” Fiber
The curvy “w” blade acts like a memory foam mattress for synthetic grass blade shapes. Once walked on, there will be no trace of footprints as this blade shape will return back to its normal state.

TigerTurf's integrated brown yarn thatching produces a turf that is ultra realistic and unmatched in beauty and attention to detail. The blades themselves come in a variety of lengths and shapes in order to simulate the beauty and durability of nature.


Additionally, TigerTurf contains heat reflecting color pigments and advanced UV inhibitors thereby reducing the turf’s overall temperature.


TigerTurf is certified lead free and contain no detectable trace of RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals. The products are made in America and IPEMA certified; meeting the requirements set by the American Society for Testing Materials.


About Go Turf Direct

Go Turf Direct proudly installs TigerTurf’s artifical grass products to address the needs of landscape, petscape, playground, and sport projects. Go Turf Direct can accommodate any landscaping project using the industry leading TigerTurf!

Certified Lead Free
Go Turf Direction products contain no detectible traces of lead or other RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals.


All of Go Turf Direct’s products undergo rigorous stringent testing to ensure safety and non-toxicity, guaranteeing safe enjoyment by your family and your pets.

In addition to the 15 year TigerTurf warranty covering materials, Go Turf Direct guarantees your installation for 2 years.


We’re family owned & operated and have unmatched satisfaction; just look at our testimonials and our Yelp!