Why Synthetic?

Why Artificial Grass?

  • Save Money; No Gardener Fees And Reduced Water Bill
  • Pet And Child Friendly
  • Stain Free And Mold Resistant
  • Weed And Rodent Resistant
  • Superior Drainage; 15% Better Than Real Grass
  • Safe For The Environment

    Why Buy Synthetic Grass From Us?

    • Family Operated, Licensed, Bonded, Insured
    • Owner Oversees All Jobs From Start To Finish
    • Many Styles Of Synthetic Grass And Putting Greens To Choose From
    • 15 Year Warranty
    • Price Includes Ground Prep And Complete Installation
    • Expert Install Crews
    • Factory Direct Products
    • Unmatched Quality, Performance, And Beauty

    Go Turf Direct products are beautiful, efficient, and perform under the highest standards. GoTurf Direct's knowledge of the latest fiber technology and our advanced manufacturing process are both combined to ensure that the great surfaces are made to meet various demands. Delivering affordable, quality products on time is what matters most; and that is our goal. Solutions go well beyond producing todays best landscape products; we are always engineering future technology to ensure that GoTurf Direct products are leaders in this rapidly growing industry. We care about the environment.



    Go Turf Direction products contain no detectible traces of lead or other RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals.


    Compare, in the long run, the cost of a artifical turf vs. sod.
    Cost over 8 years Synthetic Lawn from Go Turf Direct Sod Lawn
    Ground Prep & Installation Included $900.00
    Sprinkler Installation & Repairs $0.00 $1,200.00
    Turf / Sod $3,200.00 $325.00
    Gardener $0.00 $6,240.00
    Water $0.00 $3,360.00
    Total $3,200.00 $12,025.00

    Subsequent Years Synthetic Sod
    Gardener $0.00 ($65.00/month) $780.00
    Water $0.00 ($35.00/month) $420.00
    Total $0.00 $1,200.00

    Average costs and monthly fees based on 400 Sq ft. lawn area and survey of homeowners and companies providing lawn services.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the price per square foot?

    Depending on the size of the job, access and installation, our turf with complete install including take out and haul away of existing ground cover will be between 7.50 and 12.00 per square foot.

    Is there a warranty?

    There is a 15 year limited warranty against such things as the grass fading and deteriorating under normal use.

    What about gophers and other lawn pests such as bugs?

    Gophers are unable to burrow up through the turf, rabbits and bugs won't eat it. No more need to spray hazardous pesticides around your family and pets.

    Will there be any weeds to pull?

    In the proper situation, our installers can place a pre -emergent under the turf to control any weeds that might attempt to come up. Weeds can be airborne and can grow in crevasses between concrete so there may be some weeds to manage along edges. When the proper amount of take out of existing ground cover is achieved before bringing in base product this nearly eliminates the possibility of weeds in the turf area.

    Why choose Go Turf Direct?

    GoTurf Direct is a local, family operated business. The owner personally supervises all jobs start to finish and will be the one to estimate your project and show you samples. Our installers are our employees. We do not use subcontractors. Go Turf Direct is licensed, bonded and insured offering a 15 year material warranty and 2 year+ warranty on installation.

    Why choose a synthetic grass lawn?

    Synthetic grass lawns from GoTurf Direct provide many benefits. As our premium synthetic grass does not need to be mowed, edged, watered or weeded, it does away with the tedious and difficult maintenance that is associated with a living grass lawn. Dead spots, allergies, pests, and muddy paw prints are eliminated with a synthetic grass lawn from GoTurf Direct and it will cost you about half as much over the 8 year warranty than a sod installation.

    How well does it drain?

    The backing used on our turf has a porous surface, allowing for liquids to easily drain. The installation includes a base of crushed rock and decomposed granite under the turf allowing liquids to drain at a faster rate than that of real grass. Natural turf grasses get thatched after time and cause runoff into the storm drains.

    Will my pets like it?

    Pets love synthetic turf lawns and their owners love the fact that they can keep their pets and still have a beautiful lawn. Liquids drain easily through the turf, urine, droppings and other large particles can be picked up and or washed off with a hose, and dogs are unable to dig holes as they might in real grass lawns. No more spotty lawns or mud being tracked in by your pet!