Transform Your Home with Custom Landscape Design

Elevate your living with Go Turf Direct’s landscaping services. Our skilled architect crafts personalized plans for plant selection, drainage, and privacy. Turn dreams into reality with custom landscaping, enhancing your home and creating a year-round oasis. Explore landscaping’s functional, appealing outdoor spaces.

Landscape Design & Installation

There are very few things that will as quickly and as dramatically turn your house into a home as a gorgeous landscape design. Our landscape architect will work with you to draw up the perfect master plan that covers the entire area; from plant selection and sun and shade planning to area use, drainage, view, and privacy, we cover all the bases.

If you’ve got an exact picture in mind of just what you want, or if you’ve only got a slight idea, it’s no problem. We can work with you to bring that vision into reality! Our landscape design team is headed by a fully licensed and degreed landscape architect who has the skills and talent to turn your ideas into a personalized paradise.

Benefits Of Installing New Landscaping

What other way can you better enjoy your home with friends and family throughout the seasons than with custom landscaping designed and installed to your specifications? Whether you want a custom backyard with a waterfall, garden, and beautiful patio, or a front yard that has a customized driveway, pathways, trees, and flower gardens, we will make it beautiful. There are no limits to the oasis we can create for you; give us a call to get an estimate on your ideas!

​Did you know that most homeowners recoup 100-200% of their landscaping investment upon selling their home? It also tends to raise the value of your home by approximately 15%! If you’re looking at selling your home in the near future, you can put a safe bet on getting more for your money with a landscape installation. Call to schedule your consultation with one of our designers!

Advantages of a Landscape Design

There are many reasons for investing in a professional landscape design. First and foremost, a small upfront investment in a landscape plan will save you money in the long run. A professional plan will not only have the correct plants for the different areas of your yard, but it will also address many issues that a homeowner may not even consider.

A homeowner typically only thinks of plants when planning landscaping. This is actually the last thing a professional landscaper should consider. A landscape plan should address light conditions, wind direction, drainage problems and how the homeowner plans on using the different areas of the yard.

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