Zeolite Max

Zeolite Max

This 21st-century recipe, distributed under the turf, promotes a clean-smelling lawn even after a dog “does his business.” The non-toxic, biodegradable granules trap and neutralize ammonia-based odors by direct contact or from the air. It’s a one-time application. The odor controlling negatively charged property of Zeolite Max is the latest advancement in the science of pet deodorizers. At 97 percent pure, Zeolite Max is touted for containing the purest ingredients in the world. It is most effective when distributed under the turf backing as well as mixed into the fibers of the turf. It is percent permeable and features a honeycombed-like molecular structure. Sold in 50 pound bags, Zeolite Max is one of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s top choices for infill products.

Benefits for Artificial Grass

  • Used and approved by artificial grass companies in North America for over 4 years.
  • The only infill which has a negative charge which prevent ammonia from becoming a gas.
  • Can be added to existing turf applications to help control odors.
  • Add it to a maintenance program.
  • Lower pricing and higher quality
  • Controls odors from any product, carpet, attics, skunks.
  • Will not shred turf fibers (Less Impurities means pure quality).
  • Impress your customers with the best solution on odor issues.
  • It will recharge itself with nitrogen from rainwater.
  • No need to use a liquid turf deodorizer, but will work with it.
  • Tannish in color to match brown thatch (when wet it turns bright green).
  • 97% Pure
  • 100% natural and environmentally safe with no additives

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