Enhance Your Property with Custom Paver Installations

Transform your space with Go Turf Direct’s custom paver design and installation. From business fronts to driveways, we offer various styles and colors. Pavers increase curb appeal and value with durability, non-slip surfaces, and vibrant colors. Contact us for a free estimate and enhance your outdoor spaces.

Custom Paver Design & Installation

With a paver installation, we can give you the elegant or rustic setting you’ve always wanted for your home or business. We use a wide variety of colors and styles of pavers to be able to give you any sort of theme you’d like to see, including custom designs within the walkway, pool deck, driveway, or patio. We deliver great products at fair prices – call for a free estimate!

​No matter the environment you’d like to see created – a professional and elegant business front, a classy residential driveway, or a quaint backyard deck – our team will help you design the hardscape of your dreams, and put it into existence. Our landscape architects are highly skilled with all types of pavers, and have the experience you want to see when you’re looking at installing a permanent fixture that will dramatically increase your property’s curb appeal, and value.

Benefits Of Installing Go Turf Direct Pavers

One of the most popular looks of brick pavers to date is, of course, the traditionally beautiful patio that can be created with them. We can use patio pavers to create custom pool decks, backyard decks, or even outdoor living spaces around outdoor fireplaces or the like.

With a custom-designed patio in your yard, your friends and family or residents will have just the place to spend their free time. Who wouldn’t look forward to spending their free time in an elegant and comfortable setting, with pavers creating gorgeous designs all around, and maybe a pond or waterfall as the focal point?

Advantages of Pavers

  • Instantly Increase Your Curb Appeal & Property Value
  • Sand Joints Allow for a Flexible System (Heat and Moisture)
  • Ability to Remove and Replace Pavers Anytime Without Damaging
  • Non-slip Surface, Even When Wet
  • Rated to 8,000 Psi (Concrete is only 1,500-2,000 Psi)
  • Color Throughout the Paver Rather Than Sitting on Top Helps Resist Fading
  • Every Paver Is Made to Perfectly Interlock With One Another
  • Beveled Edges to Protect Against Chipping or Cracking

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