Pet Turf

Pawsitively Pet-Friendly Lawns by Go Turf Direct

Tired of pets damaging your lawn? Go Turf Direct’s Pet Turf System is the solution. Our durable synthetic turf withstands rough play and paw traffic, eliminating urine spots and holes. Enjoy a lush, worry-free lawn that lasts up to 20 years with care.

Pet Turf System

One of the pitfalls of a grass yard could very well be the result of one of your best friends. Dogs, cats, and even wildlife in your area can dig holes all around your yard, disrupting your lawn and ruining the pristine grass you’ve always craved. Fortunately, Go Turf Direct’s Pet Turf is up to the task.

Focused on durability, the synthetic turf withstands rough play and heavy foot traffic to stay functional and beautiful for years. The secret to this turf’s strength is in the coated polyurethane turf that is well protected from constant stress. While it’s made to stand tough, our Pet Turf also looks great and will be just as presentable as any other synthetic lawn. Green throughout the year and resistant to the wear and tear brought upon by pets, you’ll finally have the luscious lawn you’ve always wanted!

Benefits Of Installing Go Turf Direct Pet Turf

Not only will Go Turf Direct’s fantastic artificial pet turf save you plenty of time and money, but it also stops your dog from ruining your grass. Say goodbye to urine spots and stains, and hello to an evergreen lawn you can be proud of. Your dog won’t dig it up either, so you no longer need to waste your weekends filling holes after them. By having turf installed by Go Turf Direct Synthetic Turf, you’re guaranteeing a safe, colorful yard for you and your family to enjoy- even the furrier ones. Your lawn will last up to 20 years with proper maintenance, providing a sound investment.

Why Pet Owners Choose Artificial Grass For Dogs

  • Quick drainage for easy maintenance
  • No need to fertilize or water
  • Dogs won’t dig up your prized lawn
  • Avoid nasty brown spots from dog waste
  • Cuts out dirt being brought into the house
  • Non-toxic, so safe for pets and kids alike
  • Drainage makes it easy to maintain and clean
  • Grass looks great throughout the year!

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