I highly recommend Bill and his team. They provide a very professional service and the entire process proceeded without any hiccups. We love the result. Bill assured us that if anything will require their help in the future, they'll jump in to help. I am sure they will if ever needed. (via Yelp)

Nir N.

These guys are great. They did an excellent job. I received 6 turf quotes and theirs was by far the best price. I was confident having them do the install after reading reviews and meeting Bill. They knocked it out quick and its holding up well. Thanks guys! I'll be referring my friends for sure. (via Yelp)

Ryan P.

Bill and his team are absolutely the best! They were flexible with our schedule and we could not be happier. Gus and his guys were friendly and clean, they cleaned-up and hosed down everything when they were done, after each day. Bill also reached out to make sure we were satisfied after the work was completed. If you are looking to install turf, these are the guys to go with. (via Yelp)

Danielle G.

I could not be happier with Bill and his team. It is rare that expectations are exceeded but ours have been. They did a great job for a fair price. Excellent company that I highly recommend! (via Yelp)

Tom V.

We are so happy with the job done by Go Turf Direct. Bill has an outstanding team that was a pleasure to have working on my project. We had a tricky slope done and it turned out awesome! They also did quite a bit of landscape work to complete our yard refresh. (via Yelp)

Valinda N.

We're super thrilled with this amazing and professional team! Bill, Gus, Omar and the rest of awesome guys are super friendly to work with! They went above and beyond our vision!!! Adding turf was like icing on the cake!!! Go turf direct or Go home! Thank you so much Bill and Team!!! You guys rock!!! (via Yelp)

Denise S.

These guys are the best. No need to search for for more vendors. Great fair prices, but the interaction was what I was most pleased about. High Quality work for sure. Gus and the crew were awesome to work with. Very professional and cleaned up all debris. I would highly recommend calling Bill at GoTurfDirect. (via Yelp)

Thomas V.

These guys do a great job and are fairly quick and efficient in prepping and finishing the yard. Bill came over to give us a quote and showed us samples of turf that we could use. Having two little but active dogs, we needed something that would be durable yet very nice looking. Bill's crew were really polite and answered sporadic questions as they came up and explained what they were working on. Would definitely use them again if the need arises, would also definitely recommend you check them out too. Great installation, great turf quality, very professional crew, reasonable rates. Plus our dogs just love running around like little maniacs on the new turf. (via Yelp)

Eric M.

This small business delivered big. Appreciate Bill's coordination of our home project. His team led by Gus, and expert mason Jesus, were easy to work with. I recommend you stop browsing now and call Bill for your all your artificial turf needs, backed by a 15 year warranty. (via Yelp)

Benjamin G.

My yard was terrible and we finally decided to go with artificial turf. Getting bids made the decision harder as not all firms filled me with confidence in the artificial turf industry. Well, Bill and his wife listened to my questions and showed they and their company are legit. Once comfortable, GoTurf Direct was quick and tidy in getting our yard transformed into something we feel good about. (via Yelp)

Dave C.

I would highly recommend Go Turf Direct with out any regrets. Bill came in and helped me out from another Company: (Turf Evolutions of California) NEVER USE TURF EVOLUTIONS OF CALIFORNIA with Patrick Mata..... He took a $10K deposit and walked away from the job after 3 days of work and left my yard a mess. Bill and his crew came in and graded my yard brought in the correct topping for the yard and compacted the yard prior to the turf being laid. The total time was 3 days. My yard looks Fantastic now. Thank you, Bill Brown and your professional manner. (via Yelp)

Rick & Patti G.

True professionals! We were so impressed with Bill and the entire team from start to job completion. The quality of the turf they use, the amazing employee crew members they have, and their competitive pricing made it very easy to choose Go Turf Direct from many others.

We had called a couple companies and after 2 of the 'big' companies came out we began to get very nervous about the process. Companies "E T" & "T T" spent most of their time bashing each other and trying to impress us with their sales binders which were very identical- filled with fluff. One of the competitor reps measured more than 25% the actual area and passed it off as waste we needed to pay in order to get the look we wanted. And both only showed us 2 of the 'most popular' choices.

What did we get from Bill? Focused attention on what his company offered and what we wanted to see in a backyard change. Honest measurements and disclosures on what warranties would and would not cover, along with what his company could help with. Multiple samples to choose from, guessing at least 15 or more, to see color and height options. Clear options on scheduling and work completion. And great follow up during and after the job.

What did we get from the crew? Absolute pros with respect and courtesy to our family and home. We had points of contact for the crew, they reached out as soon as they had any questions or concerns and gave us options AND time to process things. We had an existing drain that was discovered to have been installed improperly. The crew was able to fix the problem, ensure the whole drainage system was working and work it into the new yard at very little delay to the project completion and almost no impact on the original quote. Everyday the crew cleaned up the job site and walked us through progress for the day and plans for the next day.

We have encouraged many of our friends to reach out to Bill and the Go Turf Direct team and continue to get great feedback on our yard transformation. Thanks!

Jon & Karen (via Yelp)

Jon & Karen B.

I highly recommend GoTurf Direct. Bill and the crew did a great job, from the bid process to completion of the job everything was top notch and very professional. They turned our barren yard into an oasis (see pics) and the investment is well worth it as we save on water and maintenance.

A few things to know if you are considering getting turf:

Make sure you know if the area you are installing turf is near any low e-windows that cast a reflection from you or the neighbors. They act as a magnifying glass and will melt the turf. Ask Bill about recommendations to solve the issue before you install it. If you live in a community that has HOA restrictions on installing turf, know that in Sept 2015 the Governor signed into law AB 349 which voids any provisions in an Association prohibiting artificial turf.

If your interested in getting a great deal and professional service look no further than Go Turf Direct. (via Yelp)

Isaac H.

Do NOT waste your time looking for another turf company! Bill is a man of his word and still works off an honest gentleman's hand shake. He and his company came to my residence to fix a massively botched turf install by another licensed contractor. The issues we had: the seams were stretched apart, base was done incorrectly, they punctured one of my sprinkler lines and the edging was a dangerous. Bill and his guys came in and tore out the turf, dug out the bad base, brought in the correct base, had concrete curbed edging installed and fixed my water line and added drains where they needed to be (for no extra charge). His guys were clean and respected our yard and property along with being completely friendly to us. He had our job done before he said he would. He wouldn't even take the last payment till we walked the job together and ensured there was no issues. Upon final payment, he told us to call him if any issues ever popped up and he would fix them. I do not foresee any issues happening. Go Turf Direct is a company that deserves your business. I have only found a small few contractors that hold to their word and put out a perfect product. Thanks for reading and if you go with them I am sure you will not be disappointed! (via Yelp)

Travis J.

Looking for a quality product at a great price then look no further.

From the moment we met Bill we knew we had found the team we wanted to work with and the product we wanted in our yard. Bill is no pressure guy with great knowledge, a quality product and integrity you don't see anymore. We compared several products from various providers but we knew we had found the best quality and value for money.

Once we agreed on price and time Bill stayed in touch as we worked towards are install date. Both Bill and Mike were onsite to make sure we understood every step of the process and the team were fast, friendly and totally professional throughout the 2 days and well, the results speak from themselves. (via Yelp)

Nick B.

Bill not only beat out four other bidders, but saved me from making a horrible mistake by going with another company and their inferior product. He also helped with the financing process which was completely painless and installed within days. I couldn't be more happy with the end result and my decision to go with Go Turf. (via Yelp)

Jen W.

I've been meaning to write this review for a while now...I wanted to wait until my turf had been installed for a bit before reviewing, so I could be sure everything remained in the quality condition I was promised.

And it has!

When I purchased my home 3 1/2 years ago, the yard was a disaster. The previous owners did a lot of DIY projects, and my yard consisted of unkempt bushes, small pink rocks (think Palm Springs circa 1960, but uglier) and weird concrete paths, bricks and cinderblocks....it was hideous.

One of Go Turf Direct's competitors had left a turf sample with a business card on my doorstep, around the time I was ready to tackle the yard, in the summer of 2015. I called him and he was unwilling to come meet with me in the late afternoon or evening, actually gave me a hard time about it, like he had too much to do after work in his personal life. It was really off-putting, because if you can afford to pay for artificial turf, you probably have a job, meaning you can't be home during the day to meet with people.

So I turned to Yelp, and came across Bill at Go Turf Direct. The amount of 5 star reviews actually seemed fishy to me!!! How can a business have nothing but 5 star reviews? They can...when they give 5 star service. Believe it.

I contacted Go Turf Direct, Bill's wife spoke with me on the phone and set me up with an appt immediately, Bill came and met with me at a time that was convenient for MY schedule, on a Saturday morning. I know how to measure things, I do that for a living actually, so I had an idea of the cost (I'd done my research on the average cost of turf, installed). Bill showed me the different levels of turf....everything from Putting Green, to natural looking grass. The guided me to the best value turf...my turf has brown strands woven into it, making it look much more natural. There are cheaper bright green options, there are more expensive options...mine is right in the middle and looks amazing.

The work was scheduled within 2 weeks, I had already had all my retaining walls and other hardscape finished, in preparation for the turf installation. The Turf install itself took 2 days, the workers were efficient and friendly, I could not be happier.

One year later, the turf looks amazing, my yard has had a complete transformation, I can finally enjoy the yard! I can send my nephews (4 years old, 19 months old) into the yard to play, and not worry about them getting hurt on all the yucky, dirty rocks that had been there for over 30 years. We can play Bocce Ball! We can kick a soccer ball around! The dog can roll around on the grass, and let's keep it real here...when the dog takes a crap on the grass, it's easy to clean up.

I highly recommend Go Turf Direct, I actually gave them a referral yesterday to a client of mine...and I don't give referrals out for companies I have not had a good experience with. Bill treated us better than anyone else we spoke to, and the end result speaks for itself.

*plan to write a check, if you use a credit card, they get charged a fee (3% I think?) which will be passed on to you. I wanted to use a card to get points but didn't want to pay the fee. (via Yelp)

Heidi I.

Bill and Carol have been nothing but AWESOME!!! Since my very first call, they have been very accommodating and expedient with my requests. In less than three days, Go- Turf Direct transformed our dry and eye-sore of a front lawn into an eye-catching one. The price we had to pay was considerably lesser than what we were initially expecting. The installation was smooth and snag-free. Furthermore, Bill and Carol went above and beyond when I talked to them about concerns I have with our HOA. Carol, in particular dropped everything and made sure that she faxed all the documents demanded by the HOA in no time. Awesome Couple! Great Job! Two thumbs up!!!! Will definitely engage their svcs again in the near future. Will not think twice of recommending GO TURF Direct to family and friends!!!!!. (via Yelp)

Jose G.